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Blogmas Day 13 - DIY Snowglobe

I wanted to make some waterless snowglobes for my Christmas table.

To make these you will need 


Ribbon, twine, buttons

Fake snow

Decorations. I bought these trees from Tiger. I love that Shop

Firstly glue the decorations to the lid of the jars using a glue gun 

Next pop some fake snow into the jar. Remember not to add too much or it will cover the decorations.

Glue the lid in place and add ribbons and buttons around the lid

I’ve put my snowglobes onto the dresser until I set the table for Christmas Dinner.

They look so pretty sitting there.

You could spray paint the lids or use acrylic paint.

I bought the jars from Hobbycraft but you could recycle ones from your kitchen cupboard.

These would make lovely gifts for teachers and I’m sure your children would love to help.

Tag me into any photos you take of your homemade snowglobes, I’d love to see them. 

Happy Decorating 

Kelly X