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Blogmas Day 10 - My Favourite Decorations

My tree has been up for quite a while now but I wanted to share some of my favourite decorations and my favourite places to buy them.

I've got two trees downstairs.  

A beautiful traditonal white tree

And the second tree I call my Kitschmas tree.... full of fun kitsch!

The children also each have their own tiny tree in their bedroom which they cover with handmade decorations and each year I buy them an extra special one that they put on too. I want them to leave home with a little box of decorations that they've collected over the years.

This year I've really enjoyed seeing the various shop selection of decorations. Heres a few snaps of some of my favourites.

My hallway is filled with paper snowflakes 

These are from poundworld. Each pack is £1 and contains 3 snowflakes - bargain!!! 

This cute space hopper decoration is handmade from a lady on instagram 


As a small business owner myself I love to buy from other businesses too! The detail is amazing - go have a look. 

The shops have gone all out this year. My personal favourite’s are a mix of prices... 


Tiger store


John Lewis. 

Where are your favourite places to buy from? 

Happy decorating 

Kelly x

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