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Blogmas Day - 8 Christmas Pudding Oreos

These are the perfect sweet treats to make with the children. They are simple but cute!

You will need

A packet of Oreos 

100 g White chocolate bar

Red Icing and Green Icing

A holly  icing cutter (if you don't have one of these just make a little leaf shape up with your fingers)

1*  Make lots of little red berry balls with the red icing

2*  Cut green holly shapes out, put these to one side

3*  Melt the white chocolate in a bowl over hot water. Be careful not to let the pan boil over.

4*  Dip the Oreos half way into the white chocolate and then pop onto a greaseproof lined tray.

5*  Before the chocolate has dried fully pop the holly and berrys onto the top to look like Christmas puddings! YUM!!

I don’t think these biscuits will last 5 minutes once the children get home from school. 

Happy Baking

Kelly X

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