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Blogmas Day 7 - Christmas Trees

This year I have ended up with two Christmas trees downstairs. Our tree in the conservatory is a very fun Kitsch one with the cutest decorations on.

The tree itself was bought from Asda and is a prelit pop up tree. Which took less than 5 minutes to put up and turn on! Winner!!!

I've been collecting the decorations for a little while and were bought from

* Paperchase




Here’s a few of my favourites 

The second tree has a rather Scandinavian feel, which I love. It has green, white and a touch of red. It sits in the front room next to the fire place.

These decorations I have had for years and just add to each year when I see the odd one or two.

What have you decorated your tee like this year? Do you change your colour scheme each year or stay with the same ones?

I have pinned lots of ideas on my Pinterest board if you want to have a look.

Happy Decorating

Kelly x

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