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Blogmas Day - 6 Chocolate Orange Fudge

This recipe makes the perfect fudge. Which  would be great little gifts for teachers and friends for Christmas..... or for yourself for working so hard this month! 

Anyway you will need -


150g chocolate (I used milk chocolate but dark would be yummy too)

2 tablespoons orange extract

150ml milk

120g butter (unsalted)

450g soft brown sugar

1 can (397g) of condensed milk

Step 1 - Pop everything into a heavy bottomed non stick pan

Step 2 - Bring the ingredients to boil on a low heat but continue to stir. (This can be quite tricky so take your time and keep an eye on it)

Once the ingredients start to boil continue to simmer and using a wooden spoon stir. Make sure you scrape the sides and the bottom so nothing is sticking.

Step 3 - When the ingredients have been boiling for about 10 minutes check with a sugar thermometer and it should be about 118oc (if you don’t have a thermometer then have a glass of cold water in the fridge and pop a bit in, if it goes into a ball it’s ready)

Step 4 - Scrape all the ingredients into a greaseproof lined 8 inch square tin.

Step 5 - Pop into the fridge.

Once it has cooled down it will be set and ready to chop into squares

Arrange on a cake stand or pop some in gift bags with ribbon!


Happy Fudge Making

Kelly x

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