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Blogmas Day 4 - Christmas Clay Tree Decorations

These pretty Christmas clay decorations are so lovely and also very cheap to make. 

I've used air drying clay from Hobbycraft which is only £4.

Roll out the clay to about 1/2cm thickness and using a selection of cutters cut out the clay. 

I used a straw to cut the hole out for the twine, its perfect for the job.

Using letter stamps you can make the decorations personalised. Great for teacher gifts and name tags for presents. 

 Pop the clay onto a chopping board and leave to dry for the next couple of days. Turning every 12 hours so that the clay doesn’t turn up around the edges! 

Once dry add twine, ribbons and buttons for a rustic finish. 

The clay can also be painted and varnished but I like mine white.

Recently whilst in hobbycraft I noticed they also sold small packets of coloured clay too. I bought one packet of the red clay. It has a very different feel to the white air drying clay but turns out lovely. 

We’ve added a few to our Christmas tree and kept a couple for gift wrapping presents with.

Let me know how you get on and if you make some please tag me in to your instagram  posts using hashtag #behindourpurpledoor 

Happy Making

Kelly x

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