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Blogmas Day 2 - Christmas Crackers

Everyone loves a Christmas cracker on the table ready to pull, with the cheesy joke inside and paper hat. But a couple of years ago I had the idea of putting wind up toys in each one, and then having a race along the dinner table.

It was a great hit with the children... and adults!

You can find lots of lovely ideas for decorating and making Christmas Crackers on Pinterest and I've pinned a few myself if you want to look at my boards. (link at top)

Anyway this year I was cheating (just slightly ) by buying some cracker template sets from Hobbycraft.

I've decorated ours to match the table setting this year. You could add a name tag to each one which would double up as place settings too. Use old wallpaper samples, giftwrap, odd bits of ribbon and buttons. Even making it a craft activity with the children. Be as elaborate as you want, Christmas is an excuse to go OTT!

William has wrote the cheesy jokes for inside this year.

The wind up toys can be bought from numerous places. You could go for different ones for each cracker or all the same.

Try shops such as Poundworld, Ebay, even charity shops.

I’ve used wallpaper left over from Emily’s bedroom to decorate our crackers, and lovely gold and green ribbon.

Measuring the middle of the cracker I cut out and stuck the paper around the outside.

I used my glue gun (any excuse!) Then repeated the same for each side.

Finishing with a ribbon.

If you didn’t want to use a template you can purchase the snap separately and find printable templates online.

So here are our finished crackers ready for the table.

What do you think?

Do you like making crackers or do you prefer to buy them?

Happy 2nd of December

Kelly x

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