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Blogmas Day 1- Advent Calendars

So I have set myself this crazy task of 'Blogmas'. Basically blogging everyday until Christmas Day. There will be many yummy recipes to try, craft activities and places to visit.

So, Day 1 -

Each year I want to make my children a special Advent Calendar and each year I just end up buying the chocolate ones.... so this year I actually made special ones for them.

These wooden advent houses are from Hobbycraft and priced at £5. Which is reasonable when you look at the quality of the product.

I have waxed mine and decorated with Christmas paper and little decorations. But you can go as crazy as you like with colour or leave plain.

I started by using a dark oak wax around the outside. Just wipe over with a soft cloth.

In just a few select holes I added paper using glue to stick it in. I used my glue gun for this but you can use superglue.

Whilst in Hobbycraft I bought a selection of decorations, buttons and ribbons. Then split it between the 5 advent houses. (1 for each of my children)

After decorating each house I then wrapped little chocolates, small gifts and letters with tissue paper and popped a tiny tag on with the relevant number.

I know the initial cost of this is quite a bit more than a chocolate one but this is something I wanted to use each year and who knows maybe one day my children might use it with their children.

Please feel free to pin this to Pinterest, leave a comment if you have a go or tell me your advent ideas.

Happy 1st day of December

Kelly x

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