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Iced Jems

When I was younger I used to love eating Iced Jems, mostly eating the icing off them.... so here’s my homemade version.

As always they are super easy to make and delicious! 

Use whatever colours you like, bright or pastels. 

Ingredients For Biscuits

75g / 3oz Softened Butter

30g / 2 TBS Caster Sugar

115g / 4oz Plain Flour

Ingredients For Icing

150g Royal Icing Sugar

20-30ml Water 

Various colour pastes / food colouring


1*  To make the biscuits, I literally throw the butter, sugar and flour into one bowl (using my kitchen aid) they will come together into a dough. 

2*  Pop into the fridge for 30 minutes.

3*  Roll the dough out onto a floured surface to about 3/4 mm thickness.

4*  Using a small cutter cut out the biscuits and pop onto a tray covered in a greaseproof paper.  This amount of ingredients makes about 60 biscuits if using a 1 inch round cutter.

5*  Pop into a preheated oven of 180 oC for 8-10 minutes. (until golden brown)

6*  Place onto a cooling rack whilst you make the icing.

7*  In a clean bowl whisk the icing sugar and water together until it forms peeks.

8*  I split the icing between 3 bowls and added colour paste to each. Yellow, green and pink.

9*  Pop each colour into an icing bag with a star nozzle and pipe just a small flower shape on each. 

Leave to set on a cooling rack and then enjoy.  You can do whatever colour you like, add flavours or even a bit of edible glitter.

Happy Baking

Kelly X

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