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University Room Makeover

Lets be honest, as much as we love our children being independent and off into the big world without us its also a time which is scary for us mums (and dads too). Will they be OK with money, eating and safe going out at night. Arghh its so much easier when they are little and you know where they are. Anyway something I feel is important is making sure where your child is living is comfortable and homely as possible.

This is Emily's second year at Uni and this year she's in a shared house. An end of terrace Victorian house, which is actually full of character. However her room was sparse with miss match furniture and plain white walls. Emily has great style and already knew the look she wanted so we set off to get bits and pieces to dress the room.

When looking for things to dress a uni room money is nearly always a factor. You don't want to spend lots of money (as we know how much the first year cost us to set up) Its a good idea to find pieces that can move with each house move and will hopefully last the time at university. Adding splashes of colour to a room gives immediate impact as does pattern.

This was Emilys room when she first moved in

The first thing we did was take down the curtains and the broken lampshade and then added new fresh ones. Keep the old ones and anything you take down to put back once you move out.

After a couple of hours Emily's room looked like this. So cosy

The yellow looks so fresh against the white and the plants add a cosy feel to the room.

The rug, curtains, throw and plants were from Ikea.

Bedding was from Asda Living, such a great place for inexpensive bedding.

Wicker Lampshade was from Argos.

Dream Catchers were from The Range.

Another great place to look is Ebay and also charity shops.

If you have any great tips please leave a comment or find me on instagram (by clicking links above) and share your photos with me. I'd love to see your ideas.


Kelly X

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