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Pumpkin Picking

Nothing says autumn more to me than pumpkin picking. Getting wrapped up in woolly scarves and winter boots. We went to our local farm in Bednall which is really lovely. Pip also joined us for the first time this year too. Even though I'm happy to pick up pumpkins from our local supermarket, its fun to be able to walk with your wheelbarrow finding your own.

I have actually purchased a few munchkin pumpkins from the local supermarket, as they are just so cute to have on the fireplace and dinning table. I even managed to find a very sweet white one too. These gorgeous pumpkin bowls were from Laura Ashley... they are just so lovely.

For now the pumpkins will sit on our door step until we carve them ready for our Halloween tea party. I think this year I'll have to come up with some delicious recipes to make use of the insides..... maybe a spicy pumpkin soup or cupcakes.

I can highly recommend going to your local pick your own farm. Supporting a local business and getting out in the fresh country air.

Happy Picking

Kelly x

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