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Amazing Chocolate Bark

This amazing and non bake super easy chocolate bark is such a hit in our house. Its super easy and very yummy!


400g Milk Chocolate

400g White Chocolate

2 packets of smarties (or any other sweets / chocolate)


1* Line an 8 inch square tin with greaseproof paper

2* Break all your milk chocolate into a heat resistant bowl and either place in a microwave or over a boiling pan of hot water. Be careful when putting in a microwave as chocolate can burn so quickly. I'm old school and prefer to do this over the hob.

3* Once melted pour the melted chocolate into the lined tin and pop in the fridge until cool and hard. About 30 minutes

4* Repeat the above steps for the white chocolate and once melted pour over the already set milk chocolate. You need to move quickly with this and lightly use a spoon to smooth the white chocolate as the heat will melt the milk chocolate underneath.

5* Sprinkle over your smarties (or sweets of choice)

6* Pop back into the fridge to set. Give it about an hour

7* Remove form the fridge and chop up into as many pieces as you like.

8* These are also a really lovely gift idea. Pop into gift bags or cellophane wrapping a ribbon and gift tag and there you have an inexpensive but thoughtful yummy gift.

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